Kufsteinerland Radmarathon

4th - 6th september 2020


hr : min

FestungsstadtsprintCycle Marathon


General information

Kufsteinerland Radmarathon

You can find all the information about the race here. Whether you're interested in the supporting programme, which categories are advertised, or simply what the conditions of participation are. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Friday, 4th of september:

6.00 pm Easygoing. Sprint race for everybody through the fortress city
6.30 pm "Kaiserschmarrn" party at the Kultur Quartier (Theaterplatz), for all participants of the sprint race free
7.30 pm Awards ceremony

Saturday, 5th of september:

3.00 - 5.00 pm Repair workshop for all participants for free. Please register until 4th of september register here v.klaus@kufstein.com

Sunday, 6th of september:

7.30 am Shopping mood. Exposition with bike-clothing and more
8.00 am High speed. Cycling Marathon & Lake Tour start
8.10 am The panoramic tour starts.
from 8.30 am Safety with fun. Bike parcour and bouncy castle for the kids.
9.00 - 11.00 am Start of the Chamber of Labour Radl Tour in Market Lane
9.30 am Bike-Challenge. Challenge your friend in a parallel bike race on trainers. The „winner“ is in for the draw of a the lucky ones who get nice prizes.
from 11.00 am Yummy. Pasta Party is starting
approx. 11.30 am Awards ceremony Panoramic Tour. Lottery of the pleasure baskets among the participants of the panoramic Tour
from 12.00 Saddle festival of the AK Radl Tour - pick-up of the bike needle & free drink
approx. 2.00 pm Awards ceremony Cycling Marathon and Lake Circuit

Category division


  • Ladies and gentleman are evaluated separately. The fastest time in the categories MTB, racing bike and nostalgia bike will be judged for women and men. Start in 5 seconds intervals. They are published together with the starting time at the registration desk.
  • Classification takes place according to following categories: Road bike, Mountain bike, Nostalgia bike
  • After reaching the fortress it has to be returned by the same way, but walking your bike

Festungsstadtsprint - Mountainbike Cup Tyrol for kids:

  • Under 7 years old male & female, year of birth 2014 + 2015 -> 0,8km + 20 meters of elevation
  • Under 9 years old male & female, year of birth 2012 + 2013 -> 1,2km + 50 meters of elevation
  • Under 11 years old male & female, year of birth 2010 + 2011 -> 1,2km + 50 meters of elevation
  • Under 13 years old male & female, year of birth 2008 + 2009 -> 1,2km + 50 meters of elevation
  • Under 15 years old male & female, year of birth 2006 + 2007 -> 1,2km + 50 meters of elevation
  • Under 17 years old male & female, year of birth 2004 + 2005 -> 1,2km + 50 meters of elevation

Cycling marathon, Lake Circuit & Panoramic Tour:

  • Men’s road bike 1: 2001-2005 (15 - 19 years)
  • Men’s road bike 2: 1991-2000 (20 - 29 years)
  • Men’s road bike 3: 1981-1990 (30 - 39 years)
  • Men’s road bike 4: 1971-1980 (40 - 49 years)
  • Men’s road bike 5: 1961-1970 (50 - 59 years)
  • Men’s road bike 6: 1960-..... (60 years and older)
  • Women’s road bike 1: 2001-2005 (15 - 19 years)
  • Women’s road bike 2: 1981-2000 (20 - 39 years)
  • Women’s road bike 3: 1980.... (40 years and older)
  • Women’s and Men’s mountain bike: only one category

Entry fee

Here you can see the entry fee valid until the respective key date. You can register via the link below.


Registration Price:
till 03.09.2020 EUR 5,00
up to 1 hour before the start EUR 7,00

The entry fee has to be paid when picking up the starting number at Kultur Quartier Kufstein.

Cycling Marathon & Lake Tour:

Registration: Price:
till 31.03.2020 EUR 43,00
till 30.06.2020 EUR 51,00
till 03.09.2020 EUR 59,00
up to 2 hours before the start, late entry fee EUR 70,00

Panoramic Tour

Registration Price:
till 03.09.2020 EUR 30,00
up to 2 hours before the start, late entry fee EUR 35,00

Starting number distribution & Starting package


Date: Starting number distribution: Place of issue:
Friday, 04.09.2020 3:30 - 5:30 pm Kultur Quartier, Foyer

Cycling Marathon, Lake Tour and Panoramic Tour:

Date: Starting number distribution: Place of issue:
Saturday, 05.09.2020 1:00 - 7:00 pm Kultur Quartier, Foyer
Sunday, 05.09.2020 6:00 - 7:30 am Kultur Quartier, Foyer

The starting package of the Cycling Marathon & Lake Tour includes:

  • Starting number with transponder
  • Voucher for 1 serve of pasta
  • Small bag
  • to be deifined

The starting package of the Panoramic Zour includes:

  • Starting number with transponder
  • Voucher for 1 serve of pasta
  • Small bag
  • to be defined

Race service & Services from the organiser

Race service:

  • Broom wagon: The broom wagon is at the back of the field, behind all starters. Anyone who doesn't feel capable of continuing is picked up by this vehicle.
  • Service wagon: This vehicle drives behind all the cyclists, and offers fast repair of flat tyres.
  • Refreshment stops: All refreshment stops are exclusively available for people with starting numbers. It is prohibited to throw rubbish away outside the marked zones (1 km after the refreshment stops). There are plenty of rubbish bins available at the refreshment stops. Unpermitted disposal of rubbish jeopardizes the continuation of the cycling marathon, and leads to disqualification of the cyclist.
  • First aid: First aid is provided with an ambulance accompanying the cyclists along the entire route. All other services, including removal and transportation of bicycles as necessary, are to be paid for by the participant(s) themselves, or should be covered by their insurance.

Services from the organiser:

  • Safeguard of the entire route through marshals
  • Escort by police motorbikes
  • 2 SAG wagons (broom wagon and service wagon)
  • motorbike escort
  • first aid
  • 4 refreshment stops at Cycling Marathon, 3 refreshment stops at Lake Tour, 2 refreshment stops at Panoramic Tour
  • pasta party
  • starting package
  • Free repair workshop
  • Festungsstadtsprint: one portion of tyrolean pancakes for free
  • Awards certificate
  • Pictures and Videos

Awards ceremony & Prices


  • Date: Friday, 04.09.2020 from 6:30 pm
  • Place: Kultur Quartier Kufstein (Theaterplatz)
  • Prices: At the Festungsstadtsprint the fastest time per class and gender wins. There are engraved glass trophies in each category for place 1 to 3.

Panoramic tour:

  • Date: Sunday, 06.09.2020 at 11.30 am
  • Place: Kultur Quartier Kufstein (Theaterplatz)
  • Prices: 10 gift baskets will be raffled among the participants. There will also be a cup ceremony for places 1 to 3 of the respective age groups.

Cycling Marathon & Lake Tour:

  • Date: Sunday, 06.09.2020 at 02.00 pm
  • Place: Kultur Quartier Kufstein (Theaterplatz)
  • Prices: The 1st to 3rd places per class will be honored with Riedel Glasses. In addition there will be an honouring of the overall winners m/w overall per course.
  • Prices Lake Tour: 1 bottle of Kisslinger Crystal

Terms and conditions of entry & Liability

Terms and conditions of entry:

  • All cyclists with a minimum age of 15 years are eligible to enter. Participants from 16 years of age require the permission of their parents or guardian(s). Parents are responsible for their children.
  • All bicycles that are permissible in accordance with traffic regulations (road bikes, mountain bikes etc.) are allowed.
  • Austrian road traffic regulations apply to all participants, the route is not closed off.
  • Participants must wear a helmet, and ride at their own risk.
  • With their registration, participants confirm that they have third-party liability and accident insurance.
  • By attending the event, participants agree to photos and videos being made by them. They are used for promotional purposes.


  • The organisers, promoters and sponsors accept no liability for damages or injuries suffered by the participants.
  • With his/her registration, the participant accepts liability for any risks to themselves and their property which result from participation in the event, and commits to refrain from making any claims against people, institutions or companies who hold or held the events.


Parking facilities:

  • Parking lot at the cementary, Krankenhausgasse 13, 6330 Kufstein (free)
  • Parking facilities at the center of Kufstein (with costs)
  • Map with all parking facilities

Showers & Changing rooms

  • arte Hotel, Marktgasse 2, 6330 Kufstein
  • Volksschule Kufstein, Kinkstraße 3, 6330 Kufstein

Time recording

The recording is done with a transponder by the company receresult.